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What is Cookie Factorie?

At UNIBIC, products are always baked to please its consumers. The Cookie Factorie, from the House of UNIBIC, brings to you a range of exclusively baked cookies for more enjoyment and indulgence as these cookies are different from the regularly available ones. These rich tasting cookies are sure to make you want them more. They are perfect for any occasion, whether you want to indulge yourself with your favourite pastime and cookies, or if you want to make these cookies part of a rich dessert uniquely crafted by you, or for your weekend getaways with your dear ones.

If you like nothing better than whipping up something in the kitchen, The Cookie Factorie cookies can be paired with so many desserts that you probably will keep making one every now and then. These cookies will certainly fit any kind of party you plan, either a child’s birthday party with ‘Rainbow Cookies’ or ‘Triple Choco Chip Cookies’ or ‘Choco Brownie Cookies’ as a perfect dessert accompaniment to carry when you visit someone. The cookies themselves are just the treat for you. Enjoy!

About the Product

The Cookie Factorie’ range of cookies are made from fine ingredients to make every bite pleasurable and wholesome. The range constitutes a wide offering from chocolate to fruit and nut to wholegrains. They bring with them a heavenly mix of taste to delight you. Each cookie weighs 50 gm to make sure that your cookie experience is lasting and memorable. They have been baked to give you more taste, more enjoyment and complete bliss. In short, to please and pamper yourself or your dear ones as the occasion suits. Go on and place your order; we will be happy to bring to you an experience that you will cherish.